Find Your Purpose

 A road map to self actualisation

You seemingly have everything

Lovely home, family, succesful career, active social life, great friends.

But it isnt enough. Somehow you feel unfulfilled with no sense of purpose and stuck, low self esteem/mood, energy, lack motivation, self doubt, over/underwhelmed with life

Our 4 Step Plan to Reach Self Axualisation



Our holistic approach looks at all aspects of psychological and physical health



We will formulate a strategy to address assessment outcomes



Our team will provide the interventions required to meet client needs



We review our care on a regular basis to guarantee succesful outcomes

A holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health

mental health

physical health

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spiritual health

Finding Your Purpose.

We offer psychological assessment and coaching with a range of therapeutic services that support and guide clients to unlock potential and lead a fulfilled life

Utilising Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Self-actualization is a term used to describe the process of realizing one’s full potential and achieving a deep sense of personal fulfillment.

This concept was introduced by Abraham Maslow, who identified it as the highest level in his hierarchy of needs. Maslow believed that people must satisfy lower-level needs such as physiological and safety needs before achieving self-actualisation.

Axualise can help individuals achieve self-actualisation by offering personalized coaching and therapy to address any obstacles that may be preventing them from reaching their full potential. Their approach involves identifying limiting beliefs and behaviors, developing practical strategies for change, and providing ongoing support to achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

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The First Step is the Hardest

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