The team

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of professionals with different specialities who share a common interest in helping clients achieve their life potential and optimum state of being.

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Dr. Luisa Sanz

Dr. Luisa Sanz is a Child & Adolescent psychiatrist with over 25 years experience. Her Special interest is Neurodiversity and throughout her professional career has actively contributed to developing services for individuals with ADHD/ASD and their families, developing pathways to optimise diagnosis and treatment.

She works with a wide range of clients on the mental health spectrum from children to adults and believes that the power of Neurodiversity when properly channelled, can be extra ordinary for the client and those they come into contact with.

Jon Cookson

Jon qualified as a psychiatric nurse in 1992 and worked in the NHS for fifteen years. He  specialised in Recreational Therapy, prescribing and delivering exercise based therapy for individuals suffering from serious mental health problems.

He left the NHS in 2004 to work privately with clients, delivering fitness training in combination with psychological coaching to promote the best possible outcomes in physical and mental health for his clients.